3 Ingredient Banana Split Ice Cream

3 Ingredient Banana Split Ice Cream

Hey everyone! With summer just around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to come out with a whole-food-based ice cream recipe for those scorching days ahead (especially for cooling off after a sweaty workout session)!

Normally I’m not an ice cream kind of girl, but lately I’ve been spending some time in the beautiful and warm Canary Islands and the heat is starting to get to me. Plus, as you probably know from reading my blog, I love chocolate in any form 😀

Today I’m going to show you guys a super quick and easy recipe for a nutty, chocolatey, banana-y ice cream, 3 wonderful flavours that combine perfectly! – Think an entire banana split in a single scoop.

I have to stress that although I’m a big lover of this recipe, it does contain blended fruit which I’m not a huge supporter of consuming on a regular basis (read this post to find out why). So, for me personally, this recipe is definitely sufficient to satisfy my occasional ice cream cravings, and is definitely going to be more nutritious than any processed, dairy-filled versions you can buy in the grocery store.

Just to highlight the extent to which store-bought ice cream can increase your waist line and decrease your health, I’ve highlighted the nutritional differences between Ben & Jerry’s Banana Split Ice Cream and my all-natural Fact vs Fitness Banana Split Ice Cream.


As you can see, the store-bought ice cream contains a whopping 27g sugar per half cup! This is over half the recommended daily intake (RDI), in addition to containing 22% of your fat RDI, and over twice the calories of our home-made version. Not only does our Fact vs Fitness version beat out Ben and Jerry’s nutritional stats in every single macronutrient category (and by a landslide, I might add), but also contains significantly greater quantities of nutrients, with each serving possessing 20% of your daily vitamin B6, 14% of your vitamin C, and 12% of both your potassium and magnesium requirements.

So, let’s review…..super delicious, quick and easy to make, lower in calories and way more nutritious than the store-bought version. If you’re not reaching for the ingredients yet, what are you waiting for!?



What you’ll need (makes 2 servings):

2 ripe bananas (about 6-7 inches long)

1/4 cup almond milk

2tbsp cocoa powder

Optional: chopped nuts, nut butter or any other toppings you want to mix in!




  1. Peel, slice and freeze the bananas in an air-tight container until solid.
  2. Combine the frozen bananas with almond milk and, using a hand blender or food processor, blend until smooth.
  3. Add cocoa powder and continue to blend until smooth and creamy (the texture should be similar to soft-serve ice cream!)
  4. If you’re adding any other toppings such as chopped nuts or nut butter, you can stir them into the soft serve now!
  5. If you like soft serve, you can eat it right away, but if you’re looking for a more traditional ice cream texture, spread the blended mixture evenly into an air-tight container and freeze until solid.


And there you have it! Super easy ice cream that can be made with as little as 3 ingredients and just a couple of minutes of prep time.

Let me know how it cools you off in the comments below!

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