Full Low Histamine Dinner Party Menu

Check out these 5 low histamine recipes that will not only make your new diet a breeze but, are delicious enough for all of your friends and family to enjoy along with you!

1. Cauliflower Low Histamine Hummus
The main ingredient of this recipe, cauliflower, is a member of the brassica family of vegetables, which helps to normalise gene expression within the gut, therefore helping to heal your gut and control your histamine intolerance. Check out the recipe here

2. Creamy Coconut Chicken Soup
With nutrient-dense ingredients such as choline-rich chicken and healthy fats, this soothing soup is sure to satisfy your taste buds while keeping your symptoms and tummy happy. Find the recipe here

3. Honey Garlic Roast Chicken
When hosting dinner, few dishes are quite as safe, simple and nutritious as roast chicken. Check out my honey garlic twist on a classic favourite here

4. Low Histamine Sweet Potato Fries
What's better than a side of french fries? Sweet potato fries! This savoury side dish is not only delicious, but will encourage the release of digestive enzymes from the pancreas to improve food breakdown and sooth digestive symptoms that often accompany histamine intolerance! Check out the recipe here

5. Maple Oat Cookies
Oh boy, are you in for a treat with these low histamine cookies! As a Canadian, my favourite food is obviously maple syrup! But, I've made these cookies ultra-nutritious with the addition of ingredients packed with prebiotic fibers that can improve your gut bacterial balance. Check out the recipe here

With this menu, you have everything from your starters to your main meal, side dish and, even, dessert!

Try these recipes on their own or combine them for a full low-histamine dinner party.

You can enjoy as much of this food as you like without having to worry about any nasty symptoms and...... if you’re hosting guests, no one will even know they’re eating low histamine!

Get ready for a delicious day!


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