How I Solved My Histamine Intolerance Webinar

learn the 5-step program to solve yours, too.




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What you get:

The recorded webinar fully details the 5-step approach I took, and YOU can take to solve your histamine intolerance for good. Each stage, provides you with the latest information on:

- Common causes

- Testing options

- Dietary changes

- Lifestyle Interventions

- Supplement guides

- Answers to questions from histamine intolerance sufferers

- And more!

The information in this guide is equivalent to up to 12 MONTHS of practitioner visits with a histamine intolerance specialist.

At an average of $200 per visit...... this information is worth approximately $2400 coming direct from a specialist like myself.

BONUS #1 - FAQ Email

.....with answers to questions from over 400 histamine intolerance sufferers who watched the webinar.

BONUS #2 - 15 minutes free of email support

.....where you can personally ask me any question you have about histamine intolerance, valued at $50, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Additionally, if you try the therapies from this webinar for 60 days, and do not see an improvement in symptoms, I will refund your money in full, hassle free.


Thats $2450 worth of material for only $49, with no risk.


(normally $250)

See what others said about the webinar:

“thanks for sharing your knowledge! I've enjoyed listening to the webinar…enough to explore the root cause instead of spending thousands of dollars on testing without answering a single question.”
- Janeen D., United States

“Best Webinar I have watched in the year I've been trying to heal”
- Tia A., United Kingdom

“you have been so helpful thank you! I need to find the source of my gut issues. I feel I can do that now with your information. Lauren in Australia x”
- Lauren, Australia

“Hello Anita! I wanted to say a massive thank you for that mega webinar. It was really packed with useful information and very practical too. I am also grateful for you being so vulnerable and explaining what triggered your histamine intolerance and what you have done to address.”
- Michelle H., United States

“I have been trying to heal my symptoms for a year now. I have gone around in a huge circle. I got better and now I have lapsed. I have done alot of research myself and I know what to do to heal, I just didn't eradicate my root cause…. I'd just like to say, your webinar was one of the best I have watched this past year. It was to the point, precise and scientifically backed up. It's great to see you spreading the word and helping so many people in distress with their symptoms.”
- Tia H., United Kingdom

“I have been sick for a year and after seeing a million Dr's, rushing off to hospitals during what I thought was anaphylactic shock at least once a month (wanted to go more) I finally figured out my problem. WTH?! This SUCKS. I'm so happy to listen to your information…Thank you for sharing your research <3 can't wait to get healthier :D :D :D”
- Rachel S., United States

“I've always heard "it's just IBS" or "just stay away from gluten". The problem is more complicated than that and I think that you program highlights some of the related physiological perturbations that culminate to make a person intolerant”
- Brian G., United States

“Thank you so much for providing all this information, we need more people like you to spread the word!”
- Jane S., United Kingdom

“This has been a great help. Thank you.”
- Liz C., Ireland

“HI Anita,
That was a really informative webinar--thank you so much for sharing all the info you've learned. Such an amazing journey to see how far you have come from being bed-ridden, and now you can eat most anything. I am a healthcare professional (clinical pharmacist) and am so embarrassed by western medicine--and how so many patients have been turned away by their doctors.”
- Agnes C., United States

“Thank you so much for your clear and knowledgeable guidelines”
- Carolyn, United Kingdom 


(normally $250)

Download the histamine intolerance food list

Included within the Low Histamine Diet guide