How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 3

How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 3

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This is the 3rd part of the Histamine intolerance series, in the first video we explained exactly what is a histamine intolerance and why it could be behind your seemingly random food reactions and your digestive symptoms, in the second video we explained exactly how to identify if you’re suffering from a histamine intolerance and if it’s worth pursuing a trial to see if you can eliminate your symptoms this way.

If you haven’t tuned into those first two videos, I suggest you back and watch them and then we’ll take over from video 3 and we’re going to start telling you exactly how to eliminate those symptoms using a nutritional strategy and it can be done in as little as 1-2 weeks:

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So let’s get started! The problem with histamine intolerance as we’ve discussed is there’s some sort of imbalance going on in your body that’s resulting in way too high levels of histamine so that when you consume high histamine foods you are actually getting a reaction to them.

Basically what you can do is actually cut out these high histamine foods and that will help to balance the levels. It’s super easy it’s just a nutritional strategy you can start right in your own home. It shows effects in as little as 1-2 weeks according to studies which is awesome!

The funny part about is though is that these foods can seem really random, they can seem kind of all over the place and that is one of the reasons why it’s taken you so long to identify exactly what you’re reacting to.

To curb this and make it a lot easier, what I’ve done is I’ve created a PDF with all the foods that you can eat, and all the foods that you can’t eat on a high histamine diet.

What you can do is download it onto your phone, print it out and put it on your fridge to use as a little cheat sheet because that is going to be a whole lot easier than trying to memorize this really confusing list of foods that doesn’t have any apparent pattern.

I would definitely suggest to go ahead and do that, another great thing that you guys can do is actually keep a food symptom diary along with it because that’ll just help you identify the triggers really quickly. A food symptom diary is a lot more helpful than you would expect.

So along with doing the histamine diet you can keep a food-symptom diary if there’s something not on that list that you consume and you wonder why you reacted to this, you can check it out to see if it matches up with a high histamine food so that’ll kind of be a dead giveaway.

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Downloading this pdf and getting that list of food is definitely the first step. Obviously, you don’t want to be on a low histamine diet forever because that means giving up a lot of the foods that you love and you don’t want to stay like that forever. You don’t want to be in these social situations always having to say no I can’t have that. Always having to go into a restaurant and have to ask what is in my food.

The first step is starting that diet just to identify if you’re histamine intolerant. It will bring down your symptoms a lot within a week so within a week you can really be thankful that you’ve done it.

But, so that you don’t have to stay on it forever, by downloading that you’re actually going to get a whole bunch of free information that’s going to tell you exactly how to eliminate your histamine intolerance which is more of a long-term strategy that you can do so that eventually, you can go back to eating all the foods that you love.

I know personally because I have personally suffered from a histamine intolerance and I actually overcame it, I gave up a lot of foods for a while and I’ve totally overcome it now. I would like to show you guys that now because I have a plate of high histamine foods, there’s some tomato and chocolate on there. Perfectly fine eating all these and let me show you how much I enjoy eating all of these right now!

As someone who really loves chocolate, it was really hard for me to give up chocolate for so long. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I dealt with the underlying causes because life without chocolate to me is definitely a reduced quality of life.

As you guys can see, delicious chocolate, delicious high histamine foods I overcame all of it so don’t worry it’s all apart of the process.

For now the first thing I want you guys to do since you’re just starting out, head over to it’s going to take you right to the full PDF of the diet, once you get there you’ll have the full list of foods and you’ll get some information on how to start the diet as easily as possible so that way you guys can get started as soon as you’d like.

Once you’ve kind of confirmed and identified what’s going on with you too, we’re actually going to send you some free information and that’s going to tell you exactly how to eliminate your symptoms.

Start by clicking the link below, get that PDF, once you’ve got it let’s start you on low histamine diet and within one week you could see a drastic reduction in symptoms and that could change your life really really quickly.

Head over to right now and you guys are going to start and change your life within a week!

See you soon!

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Anita Tee

My name is Anita Tee. I'm a nutritional scientist who specializes in histamine intolerance. I hold a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Psychology. For the past ten years, I have used my experience in nutritional and medical health sciences to create a scientifically backed, natural approach to healthcare that relies 100% on evidence-based research. As I previously suffered from - and overcame - histamine intolerance, my focus is to increase recognition and expand the available resources and protocols available for resolving this particular disorder. To date, I have helped over 4,000 individuals fully resolve or better manage their histamine intolerance symptoms.

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