How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 1

How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 1

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Many of you guys tuning in today are experiencing digestive symptoms, bloating, IBS or even seemingly unrelated symptoms such as skin rashes, fatigue, headaches even allergy like symptoms such as hives and things are you probably don’t know where they coming from.

Today we’re going to discuss a little bit about that because I understand how frustrating it can be going into a social situation, be not knowing what you’re going to react to, wanting to go to restaurants and things and not understanding what types of foods are causing these reactions.

So today we’re going to discuss a compound that you’ve probably never heard of but it’s in a whole bunch of your foods, healthy and unhealthy and it causes 58% of people with IBS to react and produce symptoms or exacerbate their current symptoms and it might even be behind all these other weird issues you’re experiencing such as skin issues and rashes.

What is this mysterious compound I’m talking about? It’s called histamine. Some of you guys probably have heard of histamine in relation to allergies, so think seasonal allergies, people with seasonal allergies tend to take anti histamines and that’s what kind of helps their allergies.

It’s definitely something to do with allergic reactions and inflammatory responses, but what a lot of people don’t actually realize is that Histamine is in plenty of foods that we eat and there’s not really any particular food group for you to understand exactly where it’s coming from. It’s not like a lactose intolerance where you just don’t eat dairy. It’s a little bit more complex than that and it can be in anything from healthy foods to unhealthy foods.

It can be included in spinach, tomatoes or chocolate for example and that just definitely makes it really difficult to identify which is pretty unfortunate because it actually leaves people suffering with this disorder since they can’t identify any consistent patter between what types of foods their eating and the reactions that they’re getting.

Don’t worry, today I’m going to break down exactly all you need to know about histamine and we’re going to be able to help you guys out and hopefully identify some little red flags behind those symptoms you’re experiencing.

So, first off what produces a histamine intolerance?

The levels of histamine in the body depend on three things

1 – Level of consumption – how much you’re getting through your foods

2 – Level of bacterial production – bacteria can actually produce histamine by converting histidine to histamine.

3 – Level of histamine degrading enzymes in your body – depends on genetic factors, intestinal damage but there’s two main enzymes and they’re known as diamine oxidase and histamine n-methyltransferase.

With good digestion, basically what happens is the level of consumption and production of histamine are balanced out with the level of degradation and you have no problems you can consume all these high histamine foods and you get no reactions

However, if you’re experiencing poor digestion such as with IBS or if you’re experiencing bloating, this is probably going to indicate some sort of bacteria imbalance or some sort of digestive difficulty and what that can do is it can throw off the balance between histamine consumption, production and degradation and that can actually make your levels of histamine really skyrocket.

Obviously, that’s not a good thing because what can happen is it can create a lot of inflammation that can impact the bowel and create a lot more digestive symptoms or it can impact any other system of the body because it’s creating inflammatory symptoms.

That’s how you can get hives and rashes and it can be really common, especially with people with digestive issues, as I said 58% of people with IBS actually react to histamines.

It’s a really important thing to look at and think about if you’re falling into this group. In the next video what I’m going to tell you exactly how to identify if you’re experiencing a histamine intolerance and to see if it’s worth something perusing.

If you guys are seeing some red flags, I’ll tell you how you can begin solving that and you can actually take away a ton of your symptoms within 1 week and you can start right now at your next meal!

Pop on over to the next Video it’s linked HERE

We’ll see you there and hopefully be able to help you guys out and change a lot within a week!

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Anita Tee

My name is Anita Tee. I'm a nutritional scientist who specializes in histamine intolerance. I hold a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Psychology.For the past ten years, I have used my experience in nutritional and medical health sciences to create a scientifically backed, natural approach to healthcare that relies 100% on evidence-based research.As I previously suffered from - and overcame - histamine intolerance, my focus is to increase recognition and expand the available resources and protocols available for resolving this particular disorder. To date, I have helped over 4,000 individuals fully resolve or better manage their histamine intolerance symptoms.

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