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What Is It

Histamine Intolerance is a condition which causes a variety of bodywide and allergy-like symptoms. But, rather than being an allergy, histamine intolerance is actually a sensitivity which occurs when levels of histamine in the body are too high, either from overproduction or an inability to break down histamine.

When levels of histamine are elevated, symptoms can include skin rashes and hives (urticaria, eczema, etc.), sinus issues and seasonal allergies, headache, fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues and so much more. In fact, 58% of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) actually have a histamine intolerance.

Although many people try over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines and antacids, these only suppress symptoms temporarily and, typically, histamine intolerance symptoms reappear even stronger over time. For this reason, it’s important to heal histamine intolerance at its roots.

There are several natural interventions for histamine intolerance which have been scientifically proven. These interventions aim to improve both the symptoms of histamine intolerance - and the root cause.

Through the Fact vs Fitness blogs, resources and course, you’ll find all of the evidence-based information available for resolving histamine intolerance and its accompanying symptoms.

My Story

Anita Tee is a highly qualified nutritional scientist specializing in histamine intolerance. She carries a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.

During her studies, Anita developed seemingly strange symptoms which medical doctors were unable to diagnose and continually dismissed. After spending an extensive amount of time, money and effort trying to find a diagnosis, Anita finally discovered her issue to be a histamine intolerance.

Due to the lack of knowledge and recognition from medical professionals, Anita decided to specialize in histamine intolerance, in order to personally find a solution for her under-recognized disorder. Through extensive research, she formulated a comprehensive protocol that fully resolved her histamine intolerance and its symptoms.

Now, Anita applies this research as the foundation for helping others across the globe. Using dietary and lifestyle interventions, supplementation and other natural remedies, Anita guides individuals through a step-by-step healing protocol which has successfully helped thousands of people to improve and eliminate their histamine intolerance, for good.

Our Approach

As a globally recognized scientist, Anita is committed to providing evidence-based solutions which are all-natural and effective. By applying extensive research, Anita and her team of scientists harness the healing power of nature’s remedies to achieve outstanding results.

All of the articles, recipes, courses and therapies on the Fact vs Fitness website are 100% backed by science and apply dietary, lifestyle and supplement interventions in a way that not only improves histamine intolerance - but enhances total-body health across all body systems.

Rather than using medications to suppress symptoms, the Fact vs Fitness approach focuses on improving your condition from the root cause and repairing your body from the ground up. The common result of this holistic approach is improvement and elimination of histamine intolerance symptoms, as well as noticeably greater overall health and life quality.

Through these protocols, it’s typical to experience the disappearance of lifelong skin conditions, digestive issues, low energy, anxiety and stress, as well as a host of other conditions that may have become normal in your daily life.

All of these principles have been thoughtfully applied to create our foundation course, How I Solved My Histamine Intolerance, which has improved the lives of over 4000 people to date.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you… I have been struggling with histamine intolerance for many years. I have done reading galore and have done as much research as a human can do and yours is the first real help that I have come across and am using. You are my guru.

Michelle T.

Former histamine intolerance sufferer

“Thank you again!!! I have tried many naturalists and Drs., enough to be frustrated, but your website has helped me the most so far and the protocol is bringing me back to “normal” life!”

Elena A.

Former histamine intolerance sufferer

I am so thankful to have found your website...Before I found you, I’d been pulling together an arsenal of supplements to formulate a personal protocol for treating this condition. I started having seemingly random food allergies 20 years ago and one-by-one I’ve had to eliminate foods that I love. Turns out these allergies are anything but random!

Daria R.

Former histamine intolerance sufferer

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