How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 2

How To Reduce Allergy & Digestive Symptoms in 1-2 Weeks Part 2


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Today we’re going to talk about histamine intolerance a little bit more, if you recall in video number 1 we talked about what exactly is a histamine intolerance and how it could actually be hugely behind your symptoms of IBS and your other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

If you haven’t watched video 1 it’s linked HERE

So go ahead and take a look just so you can keep up and understand exactly what’s going on here. In today’s video we’re going to tell you exactly how to identify and pinpoint if you may have a histamine intolerance so that you can begin identifying it at home and seeing what you can do about it.

First off, what are some tell tale signs of a histamine intolerance? It’s really really difficult to understand it and that’s why it’s so difficult to diagnose. The reason for that is that it because it impacts so many of your body’s systems. It can impact everything from your respiratory system to your digestive system to anything really. That can make it a little bit tricky because it can seem like you have an allergy or something else so we’re going to break that down a bit.

If you recall in the first video what I discussed was that 58% of people with IBS actually experience reactions to histamine and that’s a systematic reactions so it does exacerbate some symptoms in the body.

First off your first big clue can be if you have any sort of digestive symptoms. If you have IBS, Bloating, general digestive symptoms or digestive disorder, that can definitely be your first big clue that maybe you are going to react to histamines.

That’s on the digestive end and if you’re a tick in the box then there’s a bunch of stuff that may or may not come along with digestive symptoms, it’s not essential to have a digestive disorder. It’s not essential but it’s a good giveaway.

Some other symptoms that might be accompanying digestive issues or on their own can really effect all your body systems so it can be things like headaches, fatigue and your respiratory system can be effected so it could be things like asthma, coughing, runny nose and your skin gets effected as well. It could be acne, itchy skin, redness or even hives thinking that you’re allergic to something and getting hives after you eat it.

These are all definitely associated with histamine intolerance and interestingly enough fibromyalgia has actually been associated with histamine intolerance as well. There is some sort of connection there that’s still being studied and so that can actually be another giveaway that you may be reacting to histamines.

Another big thing to narrow it down is, I’d actually like to talk about the demographics of histamine intolerance. 80% of people experiencing histamine intolerance are middle aged, with the vast majority being women.

So if you are a middle aged women with a digestive symptom or any of these other symptoms, fibromyalgia, skin itchiness or redness, hives etc. and especially if you are a middle aged women with digestive symptoms then considering a histamine intolerance is a really important thing.

It’s actually something that’s not very difficult to get your symptoms under control, it can be done in as little as one week from your own home, absolutely for free and in the next video I’m’ going to discuss with you exactly how to do that and you can begin right at your next meal

So if you guys are seeing some red flags, if you can relate to the symptoms and demographics that I’ve been talking about, head on over to the next video

Video 3 Link

I want you guys to hop on over there and we’re going to discuss exactly how to start eliminating your symptoms in as little as 1 week, starting right now, from your own home!

See you guys in the next video, take care!

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