What is Histamine Intolerance?

An estimated 1% of the population lives with histamine intolerance, most of which have never even heard of it. 

Histamine is a compound naturally found in our food, environment, and even within our own body, so it’s pretty unavoidable. It’s also what’s behind seasonal allergies (hence anti-histamine medication).

Most people break down histamine just fine - but, those with histamine intolerance tend to break it down more slowly, causing higher than normal levels of histamine to hang around in the body.

The result is allergy-like symptoms such as hives, sinus issues, digestive distress, anxiety and more.

But, don’t worry, there’s plenty that can be done and I’m here to show you how!

My Story

Anita Tee is a nutritional scientist specializing in histamine intolerance. She carries a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Psychology. 

For the past 10 years, Anita has used her experience in both nutritional and medical health sciences to create a scientifically-backed, natural approach to healthcare that relies 100% on evidence-based research.

Anita’s ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the available scientific evidence and the public by directly providing essential information for managing and resolving chronic health issues, particularly using dietary and lifestyle interventions.

As Anita previously suffered from - and overcame - histamine intolerance, her focus has been to increase recognition and expand the available resources and protocols available for resolving this particular disorder.

To date, she has helped over 4,000 individuals fully resolve or better manage their histamine intolerance symptoms. You can check out a few testimonials below:

“I've suffered with histamine intolerance for five years and it has all but ruined my life. I lost those years to thousands of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong and how to get better. Now I understand and I'm so excited. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.” - Lucas M.

“My kids and husband are so grateful, Anita. I can't thank you enough, your course has giving me my life and my family back. Grateful to have found you.” - Alex E.

“Thank you so much for devoting your life to the research necessary to help others live a higher quality of life. You're changing people's lives and making great things happen to many people- including myself.

Forever in gratitude.” - Mia W.

In addition to her own work with histamine intolerance, Anita has spent the last 10 years working with hundreds of healthcare companies and advocates including doctors, hospitals, nutritionists, medical non-profit organizations and alternative health practices in order to create protocols and provide easy-to-access information for managing health disorders.

The long list of companies she has worked with includes the British Association of Nutritional Therapists, Seeking Health, MedShadow Foundation and has even had her work featured in an academic textbook by Wiley - the global leader in publishing, education and research.

Anita has also worked as a medical content writer and editor where she has been in charge of teaching scientists to write directly to the public in more engaging formats, alongside creating her own publications.

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Lastly, below are the 2 university institutions Anita has attended, completing her Bachelor of Science at University of Victoria in Canada and her Master of Science at Middlesex University - Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management in the United Kingdom.



Our Approach

At Fact vs Fitness, we’re all about fixing things from the root. 

The resources we provide are 100% science-backed and help you to identify and target the underlying cause of your intolerance, to not only relieve histamine intolerance symptoms, but to improve the overall health of your body and mind.

So, on top of being able to eat more foods, you can expect supercharged gut health, improved immune health, balanced hormones, enhanced energy and better overall mood. 

All of these principles have been thoughtfully applied to create our foundation course, How I Solved My Histamine Intolerance, which has improved the lives of 4500+ people to date.