LEAKY GUT SYNDROME CRASH COURSE Part III: 8 Tips To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME CRASH COURSE Part III: 8 Tips To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome


Hey there! I’m back with Part 3 of my LEAKY GUT SYNDROME CRASH COURSE!

If you’ve been keeping up with my crash course, then by now you should know exactly what leaky gut syndrome is and how it develops, what healthcare practitioners are saying about leaky gut and, of course, in the finale today, you will learn the best all-natural ways to heal your leaky gut.

Why is Leaky Gut Syndrome So Important?

Leaky gut syndrome is an important topic, because your gut acts like the soil your body grows on. A healthy gut provides the barrier between the external world, and your internal environment, selectively deciding which nutrients to take in and which unwanted substances to escort toward the exit!

However, when your gut becomes “leaky”, these functions are compromised, and all of the systems in your body that rely on those incoming nutrients are therefore compromised as well.

That’s why this video may be the most important of my 3-part Leaky Gut Syndrome Crash Course: because it’s the one that tells you how to heal!

8 Tips for Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome

In this video, I give you guys 8 tips for healing leaky gut syndrome that have shown in research to be efficient and effective. These tips include dietary and lifestyle interventions, and even a few seemingly strange interventions that I can bet you won’t have heard of anywhere else but, as always, everything in this video is totally off the book meaning that it’s all 100% backed by science.

It’s very clear how some of these tips act directly to heal leaky gut syndrome, however some of these tips may seem like they’re not even focussed on the gut and might have you wondering how they can contribute to improving your leaky gut.

In this case, it’s important to remember that the body is a holistic being. This may sound like a new-aged word to some, but all it really means is that we are one entire organism and everything in the body is connected. In other words, it is a scientific fact that we are holistic beings, not a mumbo-jumbo term that the hippie from the forest invented.

When one part of your body is impacted, there are biochemical knock-on effects that occur. Just as how having leaky gut syndrome can impact the rest of the body, therapies targeting issues such as inflammation and bacterial health can impact leaky gut syndrome as well.

Taking care of your gut will improve the health of your body, and taking care of your body will maintain the health of your gut.

With science on your side, you can use this info to help kick leaky gut syndrome to the curb for good!


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As discussed in the video, there’s a lot of supplementary material you can look at for helping your gut heal further and alleviating your symptoms and gut health issues all together. I’ve attached some further resources that I recommend for optimal gut health.

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Heal your gut and live a happy life!

Health begins in the gut,

Anita Tee
MSc Personalized Nutrition, BSc Human Biology

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Anita Tee

My name is Anita Tee. I'm a nutritional scientist who specializes in histamine intolerance. I hold a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Psychology.For the past ten years, I have used my experience in nutritional and medical health sciences to create a scientifically backed, natural approach to healthcare that relies 100% on evidence-based research.As I previously suffered from - and overcame - histamine intolerance, my focus is to increase recognition and expand the available resources and protocols available for resolving this particular disorder. To date, I have helped over 4,000 individuals fully resolve or better manage their histamine intolerance symptoms.

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