Heal with Sweets - 60 Low Histamine Dessert Recipes

Heal with Sweets - 60 Low Histamine Dessert Recipes

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  • Nutritionist Approved Recipes
  • Histamine Friendly
  • Supports Gut Health

Heal with Sweets contains 60 nutritionist-approved, low histamine recipes for dessert lovers of all kinds.

This book is more than a simple recipe guide - it’s a way to finally enjoy the desserts you love, without worrying about your low histamine diet. It’s a guide that will allow you to create and enjoy delicious, delectable sweets with your loved ones, all while maintaining a low histamine lifestyle.

And, what better combination than luscious, guilt-free treats with a side of good conversation and laughter?

Guilt-free, you ask? That’s right! As a nutritional scientist, I only include natural, whole food ingredients in all of my dessert recipes. You can enjoy everything from cakes and cookies to ice cream and pudding, all while actually nourishing your body during your healing journey.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to share dessert around the table! I promise, no one will even notice they’re low histamine. 

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    What's Inside

    • 60 nutritionist-approved, low histamine dessert recipes


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    • Histamine Friendly

      Our cookbooks only contain low histamine ingredients, so you never have to think twice or double check if they’re diet-friendly.

    • Nutritionist Approved

      Each recipe is nutritionist approved and combined in a way that benefits your health and healing.

    • Enjoy Socializing

      We’ve included recipes that everyone will love. Enjoy socializing again by sharing more meals with friends and family.

    Why I Created My Own Cookbooks

    I’m Anita, the nutritional scientist behind your low histamine cookbooks. I know how stressful mealtime can be when you’re histamine intolerant. Constantly worrying about which foods are allowed makes it hard to find enjoyment in eating.

    That’s why I created these cookbooks, to make mealtime simple and fun again while ensuring you’re eating nutritious foods that support your healing journey.

    These recipes are not only delicious but include plenty of crowd pleasers to share with your friends and family, so you can truly feel the impact this book can have on your health!

    Because who doesn’t feel better when they’re eating delicious, healthy meals, surrounded by people they love?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Creative and delicious histamine-friendly desserts

    These low histamine dessert recipes offer a creative and delicious solution for histamine-sensitive individuals. The combinations of ingredients are innovative and produce mouthwatering results. A must-try for dessert enthusiasts.

    This has made me very happy :)

    s someone with histamine sensitivity, this collection of low histamine dessert recipes has been a game-changer. Finally, I can enjoy delicious treats without worrying about histamine reactions. Highly recommended!


    Heal with Sweets is a dessert lover's dream come true! With 60 nutritionist-approved, low histamine recipes, this book offers a wide range of delectable treats that allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your low histamine diet. What sets this book apart is its holistic approach to dessert-making. It goes beyond providing simple recipes and embraces the idea of creating meaningful moments through the joy of shared sweets. With Heal with Sweets, you can gather with loved ones, engage in good conversation, and savor guilt-free treats made from natural, whole food ingredients. This book has truly transformed my dessert experience and made my healing journey all the more enjoyable.

    A game-changer for sensitive dessert lovers

    Discover delectable desserts that fit your low histamine lifestyle and bring joy to every bite.

    Delightful and low histamine treats

    These low histamine dessert recipes are simply amazing! They offer incredible taste while being mindful of histamine levels. Highly recommended for anyone with histamine sensitivity.