Anti-Hist & DAO Enzyme - Best Seller Bundle

Anti-Hist & DAO Enzyme - Best Seller Bundle

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This Anti-Hist and DAO Enzyme best-seller bundle combines our two most popular and powerful supplements for histamine intolerance.

Anti-Hist provides a blend of antioxidants, enzymes, flavonoids and botanicals specifically formulated to act as an all-natural antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer, therefore reducing internal release of histamine and improving how the body tolerates incoming histamine.

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) is an enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine, specifically histamine which is ingested through food or environmental exposures This enzyme is commonly deficient in those with histamine intolerance, therefore causing histamine intolerance symptoms.

Combining these two supplements is an effective strategy for regulating histamine levels, with Anti-Hist stabilizing the body from the inside, and DAO enzymes breaking down ingested histamine. The common overall result is eating more foods with fewer symptoms!

Made in USA

All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA, using only the highest quality raw materials available. Third party testing guarantees purity and potency.


    Supplement Info

    Anti-Hist Suggested Use:

    Loading Dose: 2 capsules three times per day for 7-10 days or as recommended by your healthcare professional

    Maintenance Dose: 1-3 capsules per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional

    Keep container tightly closed. Store at room temperature. Do not consume if pregnant.

    DAO Enzyme Suggested Use:

    Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before consuming meals containing histamine, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

    Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.

    Anti-Hist Dietary Considerations:

    • Gluten Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Wheat Free
    • Dairy/ Milk Free
    • Soy Free
    • Yeast Free
    • Sugar Free
    • Starch Free
    • Hydrogenated Oil Free
    • Corn Free
    • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
    • Vegan & vegetarian Friendly

    DAO Enzyme Dietary considerations:

    • Gluten Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Wheat Free
    • Dairy / Milk Free
    • Soy Free
    • Yeast Free
    • Sugar Free
    • Hydrogenated Oil Free
    • Corn Free
    • Free of Artificial Colors / Flavors


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    • Scientifically Formulated

      Each unique blend is scientifically formulated using only the highest quality raw materials.

    • Made in USA

      Manufactured in the USA and GMP certified to preserve quality standards.

    • Third-party Tested

      Third party tested to ensure our products are as powerful as they claim.

    Why I Created My Own Supplements

    I’m Anita, the nutritional scientist behind Unitee!

    Unitee is the world’s first supplement line made specifically for histamine intolerance. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped people to solve histamine intolerance, naturally.

    Before Unitee, I would cherry-pick supplements from brands that just happened to carry a histamine-safe product or two. I was constantly double checking if each brand had changed ingredients, sold out or discontinued their products.

    It often left people having to wait for or part with supplements they relied upon. Your body deserves better, and you deserve a brand to count on.

    After years of experience formulating for some of the world’s greatest supplement brands, I decided to create Unitee: a clean, science-backed, high quality supplement line made solely for histamine intolerance.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jeni Hogenson
    So Far So Good!

    I don’t notice anything in particular because I am plagued by other health issues that make my life difficult; like Spina Bifida Meningocele, Ankylosing Spondylitis, some skin disorders on my face due to MCAS - Mass Cell Activation Syndrome- very uncomfortable when it takes over histamine intolerance and it turns my face very hot and red - so hot my skin starts peeling off after a few days- lasting for several weeks. I found out that MCAS can cause alot of problems if you have mold in your body ( it happens more than you would think) your supplements are good for helping me stay relatively healthy. But I do believe your two supplements do help. Now I am spending more time in the sauna. Hoping all is well with you! - Jeni

    Kesari Moodley

    I have not recieved my order yet

    Sylvia Theriault
    I can eat!

    Makes all the difference.

    Nancy Marker
    Life Saving!

    These supplements have given my life back to me!

    Jesse Battino
    Anti Hist and DAO

    Overall excellent. Need some guidance on when they should be taken.